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Description:   One of the requirements of a good QA process is to have everything checked into source control. This project is to maintain the scripts/patches I develop and help those who use them to submit bug reports against them.

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Specimen Catalog Specimen Catalog helps you to manage your collection of shells, butterflies, rocks, minerals, or other specimens. Keep track of the Latin Name, Common Name, Location Collected, Size, Color, Quality, Value, and more. Specimen Catalog can store pictures of each specimen along with the detailed information. ...

CD brochure builder The eLibrary software will enable anyone to produce a quality digital brochure, catalogue, manual or skill training program in less time and for less cost than by traditional techniques. The creator simply needs to drag and drop any number or combination of video (.avi), pictures ...

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PDF-XChange Standard The junior member of our highly praised PDF-XChange range of software tools aimed at users wishing to create the smallest PDF files available - from any Windows application software. Simple to use - highly efficient. Ensures proffessional quality PDF generation is available for a low price ...

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PDA TurboBooster(TM) PDA TurboBooster(TM) speeds up delivery of web pages to wireless PDA users. It delivers web pages 3 - 5 times faster by optimizing, filtering, compressing and caching the web content. In addition, it automatically adapts web page layout for small screen PDA. It stands out ...

Log4Delphi Log4Delphi is an Open Source project that aims to produce a high quality and usable logging suite for Borland's Delphi based on the Log4J package from the Apache Software Foundation.

Windows RTP Quality Monitor The RTP quality monitor includes two parts, driver and monitor. The driver monitors all RTCP traffic and monitor gathers quality data from driver and displays it. It can be used to monitor audio/video quality for tools such as MS Netmeeting/MS Messenger

Image Quality Assessment (IQA) IQA is a C library for objectively measuring image/video quality. It implements many popular algorithms, such as MS-SSIM, MS-SSIM*, SIMM, MSE, and PSNR. It is designed to be fast, accurate, and reliable. All code is Valgrind-clean and unit tested.

Quality Bulletin Board QBB is an open source BBS with many features such as Templating, UBB and SQL Abstraction. Currently it only runs omn MySQL but we hope to expand this to Postgres and others.

Qualitor Dashboard Qualitor Dashboard open-sourceQualitor Dashboard open-source is an utility for exhibition of graphical information, as charts, to be used with Qualitorhelp help-desk software, thought it may be used for exhibition of data from any external source. QMonitorQualitorDashboardChartDatabaseHelpdeskServicedeskHelp-deskITILService-desk

Quantum Sword 2d action/platformer in feudal japan. Main Characters city has been burned to the ground and some of the citizens stolen away. Our hero takes off to battle and save his fellow villagers in some classic sword play action.

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